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Employee Engagement

High Employee Engagement Creates Better Business Results!

According to Gallup’s research: Greater Engagement = Greater Results. Work units in the top quartile in employee engagement outperformed bottom-quartile units by 10% on customer ratings, 22% in profitability and 21% in productivity. In addition, work units in the top quartile also noted the following improvements:

  • lower turnover (25% in high-turnover organizations, 65% in low-turnover organizations)
  • decreased shrinkage (28%)
  • reduced absenteeism (37%)
  • fewer safety incidents (48%)
  • fewer patient safety incidents (41%)
  • less quality defects (41%)*

Yet according to Gallup only approx. 33% of people are fully engaged at work. At Churchill Leadership Group, we believe all organizations have the potential to create a culture of high employee engagement with measurable results. We achieve this through a focused approach that includes training, inclusion and effective action plans.


What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the psychological connection your employees feel to their jobs. It goes beyond job satisfaction to reflect how invested and connected your employees feel in the success of their teams and your organization. In addition, engaged employees get more out of their work and they have opportunity to do what they do best every day. There are three types of employees at every organization:

Highly engaged – Employees who lean in, feel valued, enjoy their work and will go above and beyond.

Not engaged – Employees who show up but just work enough to avoid negative repercussions.

Disengaged – Employees who cause problems by distracting others, wasting time and preventing team success.

Organizations that desire to change need to measure their engagement. This begins with a baseline survey and continues by measuring at regular intervals after that. However, employee engagement is not just about an engagement survey.  It is about using the survey’s valuable insight and commitment to create actions for improvement. Key fact: Managers contribute to engagement every day through how they interact with employees and the work environment they create. Gallup states that managers account for over 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Churchill Leadership Group Inc. provides you a path to increase employee engagement.

How Churchill Helps You Increase Employee Engagement – Our Methodology

While our process is unique to each client we partner with, here are Churchill’s five key steps:

1) Consultation with client

First, we start with a strategic discussion about your unique workforce, your organization and where you want to get to. We strive to understand your culture, leadership expectations and any previous engagement efforts so we can make the most of what is working. In addition, we help you set clear desired outcomes due to an engagement increase and align on who is responsible for what.

2) Establish an engagement baseline with Q12

Q12 is Gallup’s highly established, global engagement survey. Q12 measures engagement based on 40 years of Gallup research. Each of the 12 questions were chosen based on critical outcomes such as productivity, profitability, safety and retention. We help you understand, set up and distribute Q12 effectively, including tailoring the survey “groups” to your company’s structure so that we can analyze the data in a way that is most effective for you. We guide each client on a communication plan for before, during and after the survey so that everyone in your organization is clear and feels included. The survey window is usually lasts only a few weeks, and the survey itself takes just 10 minutes to complete!

3) Teach the value of engagement

We teach your organization and its leaders the value of engagement and the meaning of each of the 12 questions. Furthermore, we provide context on why each question is important and how leaders and teams can directly impact engagement every day.

4) Debrief Q12 survey results

With your Q12 results survey in hand, we’ll walk you through the data to identify trends, answer your questions and provide clarity on how to use the data to reach your engagement goals.

5) Prepare leaders to put a plan in place with their team to increase engagement

We’ll train your leaders how to have a high impact and open dialogue with their team and develop an action plan to increase engagement. We want everyone at your workplace to understand and know how to improve engagement because it is everybody’s responsibility! Churchill Leadership Group can provide you ongoing support to ensure things go according to plan.

Why Choose Churchill Leadership Group Inc.?

At Churchill, we take on your employee engagement goals as our own, and we become a part of your organization. We know there is plenty of untapped talent and ambition within your current workforce, and we can help you harness it. Contact Churchill Leadership Group today to start your strengths-accelerated journey to higher employee engagement.

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Employee Engagement

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Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.

Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.