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Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness Is Your Competitive Advantage

Every organization has teams that come together and do the work. But, rarely is much time or effort spent training those teams to reach optimal efficiency and peak performance. Organizations that invest in their teams create an asset with virtually limitless business potential, and therefore a competitive advantage.

What Is Team Effectiveness?

Team effectiveness takes existing teams from good to great. Our engagements will vary depending on the unique needs of each organization, but they usually include a combination of webinars, assessments, team workshops, one-on-one coaching, and individual follow-up for leaders. Every engagement starts with an evaluation to set a baseline, then provides a roadmap for team effectiveness, and includes metrics to report on success.

Why Choose Strengths-Accelerated Team Effectiveness?

High-performing teams apply their strengths and passions in an atmosphere of collaboration and respect. Everyone understands and enjoys their role, and the synergy created yields results greater than the sum of the parts.

Good teams can quickly become great teams when two things happen:

  1. Everyone understands their strengths
  2. Everyone is in a position to use their strengths every day

The most successful and innovative companies across the globe employ teams of people all working with their strengths. From Fortune 500 companies to scrappy startups, strengths-based teams increase output.

When leaders empower employees to do what they do best, appreciation and respect follow. We break down communication silos also introduce conflict resolution and prevention training. Teams will learn to use their diversity of talents, interests, gender, age, and other factors to their mutual benefit—increasing employee engagement.

How We Do It—The Churchill Coaching Methodology

We use two different approaches to our team effectiveness engagements.

Strengths Assessment and Team Coaching

Using Clifton Strengthsfinder®, we assess every member of the team to give them a common language to communicate with one another. This common language is practical and tailored to each organization. By identifying strengths, we show that diversity is an advantage to the team, not something that needs to be fixed. This approach is all about accelerating performance by using the natural strengths of each team member.

For Executive Teams, we also incorporate Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) with our large global team of C-IQ certified coaches. We are in conversations most of every day and research shows that 9/10 conversations miss the mark! C-IQ is based on Neuroscience Research specifically the Neuroscience of Conversations. C-IQ provides us with a deep understanding of how every conversation has an impact. As we learn about our conversational patterns, we are able to Architect, Deconstruct and Shape our conversations with others, one conversation at a time resulting in higher levels of trust, of partnering and of co-creating behaviors. This 6-month executive experience includes baseline and final C-IQ team and individual assessments to effectively measure results.

Team Assessment and Coaching on The 5 Functions of Highly Effective Teams

Using practices from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, we help teams understand what happens when these five drivers of effectiveness are not being used properly. Equally important, we show how teams can use these to better resolve conflict, stimulate collaboration, and increase the quality of team results. This approach is about teaching teams new skills and knowledge to accelerate the impact of the team.

Why Choose Churchill Leadership Group?

No team is stronger than one whose members work every day at what they do best. Churchill has helped hundreds of teams achieve and measure team effectiveness with proven engagements. Contact Churchill Leadership Group today to start your strengths-based journey to team effectiveness.

Team Effectiveness

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Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.

Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.