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Beware! Today is the biggest day employees look for a new job!

Are your team members looking for a new job today? Today is known as “Massive Monday,”  the 1st Monday after new year when more people than ever are looking for a new job or career change. It begs 2 questions for leaders:

1) Could you lose great talent from your team because your people are not currently fully engaged or motivated? What impact will that have on your company? How will productivity be negatively affected as you kick off the new year?

Typically the direct costs of losing great talent is four times their salary. That’s a huge financial impact on your organization!)

2) What can you do about it?

As a leader you can directly impact the engagement and motivation and therefore retention of your team. The CEO of the Gallup organization Jim Clifton recently said in an article that lack of engagement is caused by “Managers From Hell.” That sounds pretty extreme but the good news is as a manager you can positively affect employee engagement so that people want to stay at your organization and consistently go above and beyond everyday. But it doesn’t just happen! 

There are key proven strategies that great managers use to engage their team members.These strategies can be learned and implemented quickly and effectively and drive great bottom line results beyond just talent retention.
In addition when it comes to motivation I am a big fan of Dan Pink’s work. In his book “Drive” he talks about three key drivers of motivation.

One is Autonomy, two is Mastery and three is Purpose. In a news interview I was watching this morning with multiple individuals who will be looking for a job/career change on “Massive Monday” most of them were looking for a change because they lacked a sense of purpose! My guess is you wouldn’t be in business if there wasn’t a clear sense of purpose to what you do, but so often employees and not able to connect the dots.

Inspiring and engaging your team members around the importance of what they do, can help them achieve a greater sense of purpose. Your success in doing this is dependent on your strong leadership and management skills and what you don’t know can be learned in a way that you are authentic and effective.

We hope that this insight provides you value. If you need more help to be a more effective leader in this area so that you can retain and engage the  talent in your organization then please reach out at 888-486-8884 or email at

Regards, Jayne Jenkins,

Founder of The Churchill Leadership Group Team

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