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Build An Internal Coaching Culture & Capability

Build An Internal Coaching Culture & Capability

Build An Internal Coaching Culture & Capability with “Leader As Great Coach”

WEBINAR ON DEMAND: How to Rev Up Performance by Building a Great Leader-as-Coach Culture

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Watch Jayne Jenkins, Churchill CEO and Executive Coach, discuss the benefits of building a great “leader-as-coach” culture and how to go about doing so.

Who should watch: HR and business leaders who know their people-leaders need to have more regular and more effective conversations with their team members. Better conversations that move the ball forward for stronger execution and performance as well as talent growth.


More and more organizations are realizing that building an internal coaching culture and capability is a strong competitive advantage. If leaders at all levels develop their team members consistently and empower them to innovate and make better decisions, then your organization has the potential for stronger talent growth and greater performance. In fact, according to research done by Bersin & Assoc. (Deloitte), when analyzing more than 20 Talent Management strategies, coaching came out as #1 as most highly correlated with impact! Churchill helps you do this and does so with global organizations like eBay.

When your leaders are “Great Leader Coaches,” they are equipped to have more effective, regular conversations with team members. Conversations that move execution and performance forward faster so you can deliver more value to your customers as well as retain and make the most of your talent. Coaching helps improve trust, accountability, communication, innovation, and decision making, all adding to performance outcomes.


How Churchill Helps You Develop Great Leader Coaches

Developing great leader coaches is one of Churchill’s expert organizational offerings. Our coaches have helped many organizations across the globe train and empower their leaders and teams to be great coaches. Coaching is both a leadership and a life skill, which means your leaders can leverage coaching capability in many areas to be more effective: With team members, peers, customers, the boss, and even at home. When your leaders gain powerful coaching skills, tools, and the right coaching mindset, then both performance and development improve. Our Churchill Executive Coaching teams partner with our clients to:

  1. Align with a plan to ensure sustainable change and coaching adoption.
  2. Implement a strong stakeholder engagement strategy.
  3. Execute a consistent communication plan that speaks to why, what, and how coaching benefits.
  4. Deploy global coaching training that is tailored to your unique needs (business and culture).
  5. Create and lead (or co-lead) your ongoing learning path for coaching sustainability and to embed new skills and habits. Such a path includes coaching and observations to provide participants real-time meaningful feedback and support for faster growth.
  6. Define a clear way to measure and celebrate success and coaching certification.
  7. Deliver on a global scale with more than 80 best-in-class Churchill Executive Coaches to fit your culture and locations.
  8. Optional additional phase(s) that accelerate coaching mastery, including embedding Clifton StrengthsFinder®.
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Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.

Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.