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Effective Change Management

Effective Change Management

Important Changes Need Better Management To Succeed

Change is hard, whether it is on an organizational or individual level – it often fails. If you are going to invest time and energy (and your reputation) in an organizational change, you want it to have high confidence of success. To support our clients’ desired changes, we provide you expert Change Management Consultants. Our Change Management Consultants are coaches who are certified and experienced in proven, research-based change management methodologies, such as PROSCI®. We tailor our Change Management consulting to help you to:

  • Assess the size, risk, resistance and progress of change
  • Effectively implement change in three critical phases:  Preparation, Management and Reinforcement
  • Ensure effective sponsorship, with which, 85% report change achieved its objective (vs 25% without)
  • Connect the people side of change with your project success using the PROSCI® and ADKAR® Models

PROSCI®’s research has shown that projects with excellent change management are:

  • 96% more likely to meet or exceed their objectives
  • 72% more likely to be on schedule
  • 81% more likely to be on or under budget

What Is PROSCI® and ADKAR®? How Do They Work?

PROSCI®  Change Management Methodology utilizes best practice research with more that 3,400 organizations worldwide. It provides the smartest change model and a structured process complimented by Churchill’s Executive Coaching expertise. We bring tools, templates and checklists that are integrated into an easy to use framework for managing change at all levels. It also will allow you to build your internal change management competency to use time and time again.

Churchill’s approach uses a “3-legged stool” that consists of:

Leadership/Sponsorship: Strategy development and organizational direction with the required leadership to kick off and sustain successful change.

Project Management: Fundamentals, including the design of work tasks and resource management, to implement your change on time and on budget.

Change Management: This is the critical people side of change and includes the key actions necessary to help team members transition from current to the desired future state of your change.

Why Choose Churchill Leadership Group?

Our Change Management Consultants and Executive Coaches Have Real World Experience. This allows us to quickly build trust and credibility with you and your team to accelerate your desired transformation. Most importantly, we put a lot of emphasis on matching the right coach(s) to the unique needs of each client.

Our Focus On Measuring Success – We have high standards for leaders in our programs needing change management. We expect organizations to receive significant success from their investment and have a defined methodology for measuring results.

Our Global Footprint – Our large Churchill team is diverse, with coaches across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. This means we are able to meet your global needs, including cultural and regional diversity needed for leadership growth.

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