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Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence Enhances Leadership, Trust, and an Organization’s Culture

We are in conversations every day, typically 60-80% of the day! But research from MIT shows that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark!  We’ve all been in conversations where we:

  • talk past each other
  • talk over each other
  • trigger each other and
  • simply stop listening to each other

Many of these poor conversations can be associated with our need “to be right,” which makes our brain focus on looking for evidence to prove we are. We then stop listening to other perspectives and simply fight for our point of view. Such challenges can cause lack productivity, reduce trust between colleagues, managers and employees and ultimately have a negative effect on an organization’s culture and results.

The Power of Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence is the next generation of intellect and skills that enables leaders and teams to move from an I-Centric state-of-mind to “WE-Centric.” By learning how to connect, navigate and grow with others, you can begin building the framework of trust, which is the platform from which great conversations emerge.  Conversational Intelligence starts with five fundamental skills:

  1. Listen to connect
  2. Ask questions for which you have no answers
  3. Prime for trust
  4. Sustain conversational agility
  5. Dive deep to understand what others are actually seeing

Using these skills, Conversational Intelligence provides an innovative framework for understanding how conversations shape our relationships, partnerships and our culture. Ultimately, it results in higher levels of trust, activates higher levels of engagement, strengthens partnerships and is the catalyst for co-creation and innovation in teams and cultures.

How We Do It: The Churchill Coaching Methodology

At Churchill, we incorporate Conversational Intelligence into our 1-on-1 executive coaching and team effectiveness strategies, as requested or needed. All of Churchill’s services are personalized to the need of the organization and our engagements include proven best practices and action steps to ensure the best results.

Why Choose Churchill Leadership Group?

Our Coaches Have Real World Experience

Each of our 80+ coaches is an executive coach and has rich leadership experience in private or public sectors. This allows us to quickly build trust and credibility with clients to accelerate your desired transformation. Most importantly, we put a lot of emphasis on matching the right coach(s) to the unique needs of each client.

Our Strengths-Accelerated Approach

We focus on what is right with each client. Using Clifton StrengthsFinder® we maximize the natural talent that is there for authenticity and sustainability, as well as building new leadership capability.

Our Focus On Measuring Success

We have high standards for leaders in our coaching programs. And, we expect organizations to receive significant success from their investment in coaching, and we have a defined methodology for measuring success.

Our Global Footprint

Our large Churchill team is diverse, with coaches across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. This means we are able to meet your global needs, culture and regional diversity needed for leadership growth.

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Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.

Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.