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Great Managers Leverage Talent – 3 tips on how to do this well

Great Managers Leverage Talent – 3 tips on how to do this well

Great managers hire and leverage the unique talent in each individual on their team, they do not try to change each person into something they are not. Great managers look to turn that talent into strength that drives consistent performance.

So what’s the difference between a Talent and a Strength? How do you turn a Talent into a Strength?

Talents are our inherent preferences, the natural ways we react to situations and process information. Talents are our potential, and Strengths are built on a foundation of Talent. You can turn Talents into Strengths by adding experience, skill, knowledge, and practice.

Here are 3 tips for managers to lead successful teams and if done in a disciplined manner can see sustained performance year in year out:

1) Understand the Talent you need – Talent cannot be taught & needs to be a key consideration when hiring. Don’t hire “clones,” as a manager think about some of the traits the most successful people in that role consistently exhibit and what are the most common everyday tasks a new hire needs to do very well on the job.

2) Know your Talent – Talent is how a person thinks, feels & believes (how they’re “wired”). It should strongly influence how you coach and manage a person. Use tools and get expert help to identify the true Talent on your team.

3) Once you know the unique talents on your Strengths well – use it. More confidently delegate assignments that are right for people. The results will surprise you as you allow people to do more each day in the areas they feel “strong.” It will also allows you to manage that talent for future roles – succession planning.

A “Strengths” approach to managing and coaching doesn’t happen overnight but is worth every effort as it has the positive impact on more business outcomes than any other way to engage employees.

“The secret to success is the consistency to pursue. ”Harry F. Banks

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