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Manager Effectiveness

Manager Effectiveness

Great Managers Deliver Results and Grow Talent

Effective managers are crucial to the success of your organization as they impact so many employees and decisions each day. Yet “naturally” effective managers are rare. Gallups research shows only about 10% of people naturally possess high talent to manage people, few “automatically” have what is needed to help a team significantly perform, grow and be engaged.

Common symptoms clients come to us with are:

  • “Our managers struggle to deal with everyday employee problems, too many problems escalate to HR or execs!”
  • “Our leaders are “fixing” instead of coaching and delegating”
  • “Engagement scores are lower that who would like…”
  • “We are losing some of our best people leaders!”

The solutions? You need to leverage the talent that does exist in managers and invest in developing their skills. The good news: Many managers have some necessary traits, and the rest can be developed! That is why Churchill Leadership Group Inc. built the Strengths-Accelerated Manager Effectiveness program to help you increase the impact your managers have.

What is Manager Effectiveness?

Churchill’s Manager Effectiveness is a development program that can last a few months up to several years, depending on the client need and desired outcome. Each engagement consists of a series of workshops and coaching that provides practical insight, experiential learning and skill building for people managers (and therefore their teams) to become more confident, effective and engaged. Workshop and coaching can be a combination of live and live virtual to fit your unique needs.

Why Strengths-Accelerated Manager Development?

We need people managers to be as authentic and effective as possible and for their leadership development to be sustainable! Churchill Leadership Group Inc. uses Clifton StrengthsFinder® to accelerate our programs because people grow much more in areas where they have natural talent. Our focus on strengths is an accelerated way to develop your managers.

The Churchill Methodology

We partner closely with you to analyze your specific needs for manager development. Then, we recommend a combination of workshops, coaching, on-the-job assignments and case studies to solve that need. Collaboratively, we’ll define how to measure and celebrate success.

Step 1: A Focus On Strengths

This initial phase is where we discover the natural talent in your managers and put it to work. We use Clifton StrengthsFinder® to help each manager apply their talent in their role. Through inspirational workshops and coaching, we achieve motivational quick wins and build a desire in managers to continue their growth.

Step 2: Build Skill and Knowledge Through Practice

With a focus on leveraging natural strengths, we move into building skill and knowledge through highly interactive workshops (or live webinars for global teams) tailored to your unique needs. Through knowledge transfer, experiential practice, and custom-built case studies, your managers are empowered to apply the skills you need. Here’s a list of our available workshops.

Step 3: Measure and Celebrate Success

We have high standards for managers that participate in our developmental  programs. We expect organizations to receive significant success from their investment. With Churchill, we have a defined methodology for measuring results.

Why Choose Churchill Leadership Group?

Our Coaches Have Real World Experience – Each of our 80+ coaches is certified as an executive coach and has rich leadership experience in private or public sectors. This allows us to quickly build trust and credibility with clients to accelerate client transformation. We put a lot of emphasis on matching the right coach to the unique needs of each leader.

Our Strengths-Accelerated Approach – We focus on what is right with each client. Using Clifton StrengthsFinder® we maximize the natural talent that is there for authenticity and sustainability, as well as build leadership capability.

Our Focus On Measuring Success – We have high standards for leaders in our coaching programs. We expect organizations to receive significant success from their investment in coaching, and we have a defined methodology for measuring results.

Our Global Footprint – Our large Churchill team is diverse, with coaches across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. This means we are able to meet your global needs, culture and regional diversity needed for leadership growth.

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Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.

Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.