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As a certified Executive Coach and workshop facilitator, Alina coaches mindful leaders, who are often analytical thinkers, on mastering intuition-based tools that enhance influence, creativity, impact, growth and well-being.  She loves watching her analytical clients experience “Aha!” moments and make meaningful impact as they expand their leadership capabilities.

Alina has extensive corporate experience in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development and has presented in front of audiences at The Garrison Institute, Academy of Management, Google, Facebook, American Council on Education, MIT and The NY Open Center.  Alina’s clients are changing the world at some of the leading financial and IT institutions around the globe. Alina holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from NYU, and is a #1 best-selling author of Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition (2013).


New York, New Jersey


Alina’s greatest value to her clients is that she coaches leaders on managing energy to do meaningful work, creating flexibility between all aspects of their lives, and becoming effective, trustworthy leaders. As a result of collaborating with Alina, her clients develop self-awareness, boost insight and creativity, reduce overwhelm and overcome the Impostor Syndrome.


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Client Testimonial

“As an Executive Coach, Alina is profoundly deep, insightful, and impressively resourceful.” – Software Engineer, Team Lead Manager, Google

Top 5 Strengths

Connectedness, Input, Intellection, Learner, Strategic