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After a decade of leveraging her expertise in corporate leadership and team dynamics, Carylynn discovered that coaching is about discovery and creating ways for leaders to better understand themselves, their teams and their environment. Carylynn has a Ph.D in Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Coach (ICF PCC) and a Certified Master Facilitator (INIFAC).


Washington, DC


By activating self-awareness and insights, Carylynn helps each of her coaching clients create new ways of operating that are more authentically theirs and, ultimately, more effective for themselves, their team and their company.


Leadership Circle Profile, Center for Creative Leadership’s Assessment Suite, Emotional & Social Competence Inventory, Enneagram & DiSC personality frameworks, the Leader Network Diagnostic, and Conversational Norms Diagnostic

Client Testimonial

“The greatest thing for me in this coaching engagement was my level of comfort in being able to honestly share my challenges, worries and concerns with Cary. There was never a feeling of judgment or condemnation for the things I shared. Only acknowledgment of it as a challenge, and a feeling of comfort that I was not alone in experiencing these challenges; and that there are clear paths forward despite these challenges. I was always quickly offered thoughtful and kind direction on ideas for solutions, and was quickly offered some tools to use that were extremely helpful and insightful for me to see the change that was possible. I learned more about myself in these past few months as a professional than I have learned over my entire career to this point!”

– Global Leader, SRAM Corporation

Top 5 Strengths

Achiever, Learner, Woo, Self-Assurance, Positivity