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Maik is a resourceful Executive and Leadership Coach, Program Facilitator and HR Improvement Consultant, with more than 13 years of combined HR Governance, Leadership, Coaching and Consulting experience in the mining and semiconductor industries. In his roles, Maik acquired strong functional experience in leading specialized teams to develop, improve and enforce governance standards across organizations. This continuous work in high-volume, complex operational environments has built his skills in team motivation, as well as identifying and leveraging talent.

Maik is certified as HR Practitioner, seasoned StrengthsFinder Coach and Professional Risk Manager. This unique combination lets him connect clients’ strategic goals and opportunities with individual talents and strengths. He is consistently recognized by peers as a resourceful and structured, yet engaging mind who can deliver complexity in easy terms.




Maik helps individuals and organizations achieve excellence through the application of strengths. His clients consistently describe him as a motivating, inspiring, engaging, full of ideas. Maik specializes in:

Executive and Leadership coaching based on industry model coaching principles; to help individual and group clients achieve performance, fulfillment and learning at work and beyond.

Imparting Leadership and Coaching skills in teams through delivery of practical Leadership interventions in teams and organizations.

Provide HR Performance Management Consulting by developing respectful and effective coaching, feedback, and check-in routines.


Gallup StrengthsFinder, MBTI I/II, DISC

Client Testimonial

“Maik has conducted several professional development series workshops for our Masters students on the topic of Situational Leadership. It has been wonderful to work with Maik, as he is a great communicator who always delivered insightful, well-paced and structured sessions.”

– Hsiang Hung Cheah, Singapore Management University (SMU)

Top 5 Strengths

Learner, Intellection, Individualization, Maximizer, Input