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Kathryn enjoys and appreciates the opportunity of coaching C-level and other senior executives because they are their organizations’ most strategic leverage points in creating a larger field of potential, for realizing greater value and impact, and for providing more meaningful lives for all stakeholders. She is certified through Organizational Dynamics, Inc., in six leadership and organizational development programs and has a BA in Psychology from Smith College.




Kathryn partners with executives and their teams to help them think and plan strategically. Areas of expertise include: executive leadership development; strategy formalization and implementation; alignment and integration of strategy, organizational culture, and systems; prompt, forthright solution of intriguing management problems and concerns; and leveraging all types of diversity to strategic advantage. Relishes collaborating with one or a small group of leaders to resolve particularly tricky situations with tact, diplomacy and forthrightness, as quickly as possible.


I believe clients derive the most value when the selection of an assessment is based on their particular objectives and needs; therefore, I have done 360 feedback processes with many of my own clients based on instruments customized for their companies and unique circumstances. I have used a wide variety of ODI’s organizational and personal assessment tools with ODI clients. I have coached several executives using the results of Burnham Rosen Group’s motive research-based diagnostic, the Exercise of Imagination©, and have taken BRG’s participant and facilitator training, InterActive Leadership™. I personally have taken the Strengths Finder, DISC/INDRA and Myers Briggs, and am completely comfortable collaborating with other consultants to use the results of their assessments in my ongoing coaching of clients.

Top 5 Strengths

Strategic, Communication, Intellection, Connectedness and Input