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Patricia’s purpose is to serve emerging, diverse women leaders, like herself, and advocate for them in ways she had not experienced when she was ‘growing up’ in corporate America.  Patricia serves her clients with the mindset of the mentor she wanted.




Patricia believes that ‘emotions are not a four-letter word.’ She believes that emotions are gifts, especially for women leaders, that we don’t always ‘unwrap’ and use. She also believes emotions were given to humans to help us survive, thrive, and connect. And, that understanding our emotions leads to deeper self-knowledge and connections that women must use wisely to succeed.


EQ-i2.0® and EQ-i360®, Crucial Conversations®, FIRO-B®, MBTI®, the Conflict Dynamics Profile® and the Birkman®.

Client Testimonial

“As part of my employer’s leadership development program I was assigned a personal coach, Dr. Pat Baxter. I had the privilege of working with her for the nearly five months. Pat is extremely knowledgeable, warm, compassionate, and honest. She’s a wonderful listener and I found her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to be very effective. With her assistance, I have become more self-aware than in the past. Pat continues to follow-up with me even though our contract ended…to say I am impressed by this is an understatement! I highly recommend Pat and would not hesitate to use her professional services again.”

– Jacqueline Glass, Sr. Manager, Jacksonville Transit Authority

Top 5 Strengths

Connector, Arranger, Self-Assurance, Empathy, Strategic