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Shannon is a Board Certified Coach (ICF approved program) and National Certified Counselor. She became an executive coach to support leaders in tapping into their own inner resources to better navigate the complexities of organizational life. Her background is in career and talent development, most recently supporting technical professionals, leaders and global teams at Qualcomm. As her clients’ careers progressed and they became people leaders, she increasingly found herself supporting their leadership development.  This year, Shannon is supporting leaders at companies such as Qualcomm, eBay, StubHub, PayPal and Genentech.




Shannon specializes in helping technical professionals embrace their leadership roles, which as we know, require an entirely different set of competencies!  In addition, she also specializes in helping leaders develop greater levels of self-awareness and resilience through a mindfulness-based approach to strengths development. She teaches Mindful Leadership at UC San Diego Rady School of Management and UC Irvine. In addition, she is certified to offer the Search Inside Yourself curriculum (Google’s mindfulness program).


360s, StrengthsFinder, MBTI, EQi 2.0, CPI 260, TKI.

Client Testimonial

“Shannon is a great coach. She provided valuable feedback on my thought processes and execution. I literally transformed from an aggressive achiever who tries to solve the problems at all costs to a moderator who provides guidance for my people to solve the problems. My job is a lot easier and more peaceful.”
– Sr. Director Technology, Qualcomm

My Top 5 Strengths

Connectedness, Learner, Adaptability, Intellection and Maximizer