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Sookgi is passionate to help leaders to live in their full potential. For her it’s rewarding when she sees people grow beyond their self-limiting belief.


Seoul, South Korea


Sookgi provides insight to her clients on who they are and their authenticity in their life purpose.


Hogan assessment, Clifton StrengthsFinder, DISC, Firo-B, MBTI, 360, TCI

Client Testimonial

“Sookgi is passionate about holistic human growth and masterful in a process that furthers the behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and psychological integration of leader’s development. With experiential and insightful approach, she trained thousands of leaders in Korean big companies like Samsung, Hyundai Motors, SK group and multinationals working in Korea as well like Johnson & Johnson, Boston Consulting group and Parisbas-BNP etc. Her coverage is extensive from one-to-one coaching, group coaching of 5~6 members to large group facilitation. With the top level of educational background, she offers the highest quality of service addressing top level executives. The fact that her clients are mostly repeated customer proves the quality of her work. She is providing lecture on leadership in businenss schools for MBA course. Fascinated by the powerful intelligence of the body, she is also working on evoking creativity through movement.”

Top 5 Strengths

Connectedness, Learner, Intellection, Discipline, Developer