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Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness Is Your Competitive Advantage IF You Invest In Your Teams

Every organization has multi-functional, across departments, in-tact and virtual teams from first line to executive teams, that need to come together to innovate, collaborate and deliver. However, rarely is enough time and effort spent training those teams to reach optimal team efficiency and peak performance. Organizations that invest in their teams to know how to work together most productively create an asset with virtually limitless business potential, and therefore a competitive advantage.

What Are Churchill’s Team Effectiveness Solutions?

Our team effectiveness options can take existing teams from good to great or struggling teams to a place of productivity and growth. Our selection of engagements will vary depending on the unique needs of each team and organization, but they usually include a combination of webinars, assessments, qualitative interviews so all team members feel heard and understood, team workshops, lots of experiential learning, 1-on-1 plus team coaching, team observations for in the moment meaningful feedback and adjustment, and further development for the team leaders. Every engagement starts with an evaluation to set a baseline, then provides an individualized roadmap for great team effectiveness, that includes measuring success.

Churchill’s Team Methodology Gives You 4 Options:

  1. Executive Team Development: Executives are in conversations >80% of their day and research shows that 9/10 conversations miss the mark! We incorporate Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) into our executive team development programs as the effectiveness of their conversations with each other, with customers and their organization is critical to success. CI-Q is based on the Neuroscience of Conversations and provides the team a deep understanding of how every conversation has an impact and how to new insight and CI-Q best practices to make more conversations count to create the desired impact and culture. Teams learn their conversational patterns and then Architect, Deconstruct and Shape conversations with others, building greater trust, partnering and co-creating behaviors for greater innovation, performance, and growth. This 6-month executive experience is tailored to your unique need and includes baseline and final C-IQ team and assessments to effectively measure results – Contact us.
  2. Becoming a Strengths-Based Team or Organization: This approach builds confidence, energizes the team and accelerates performance by using the natural untapped talents of each team member. Using Clifton StrengthsFinder®, we assess the individual and combined team talent, giving the team a powerful, common language to communicate and collaborate better. Using the team’s own performance goals, we help the team apply their talents to build trust and drive better results and engagement. This program is tailored to you and can be 3 months to 3 years depending on your needs. See example.
  3. The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: Using best practices and established tools from Patrick Lencioni, we help teams understand what holds a team back and how to identify common team pitfalls and turn them into high-impact approaches to their own team performance. Teams build higher trust, stronger commitments through productive conflict and holding each other more accountable for increased results. This program is very practical with lots of experiential exercises for quick wins and sustainability on the job – Contact us.
  4. Making Meetings Count: Almost everything significant is accomplished through conversations. Using the Team Dialogue Indicator, team members increase self-awareness into what they do to contribute (positively and negatively) to conversational norms. They identify improvements for group conversations using an action-learning approach to experience communication improvement in the moment – Contact us.
  5. Myers Briggs (MBTI), DiSC and Insights Discovery: Experts in each of these assessments help you leverage the diversity and potential on your team for greater engagement, inclusion, growth and performance. Churchill sets you up to take the assessments, debrief your reports and expertly facilitates a half day or full day workshop, or series of webinars, to turn this new insight in to action, focused on your team goals.

All Can Be Strengths-Accelerated For Sustainability

Good teams can quickly become great teams when two things happen:

  1. Everyone understands their strengths
  2. Everyone is in a position to use their strengths every day

The most successful and innovative companies across the globe employ teams of people all working with their strengths. From Fortune 500 companies to scrappy startups, strengths-based teams increase output. When leaders empower employees to do what they do best, appreciation and respect follow. We break down communication silos also introduce conflict resolution and prevention training. Teams will learn to use their diversity of talents, interests, gender, age, and other factors to their mutual benefit—increasing employee engagement and performance.

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Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.

Learn more about our unique process for strengths-based coaching.