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Allen COO Infusion Brands

I am excited to write this recommendation for Jayne Jenkins. My work with her has been exemplary. She teaches, inspires and works from a program that is based off of a simple concept – we are all more effective, productive and happier playing to our strengths…and not over-focusing on weaknesses. I found this philosophy and the way that Jayne delivers it, to be very powerful, energizing and instinctively on base. I personally received an immediate boost from the program working with Jayne and she and I have continued to work together. I found Jayne and the program to be so effective, we are planning to implement with our company’s entire executive team. Jayne is one of the most professional and empowered people I’ve ever met or worked with and I strongly recommend her to any individual or team leader that is interested in bringing about transformative and energizing improvement. Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert