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Turn Talent into Performance – “Getting the right people on your bus.”

Turn Talent into Performance – “Getting the right people on your bus.”

Higher revenues, fewer headaches and happier clients who are willing to refer your company… Sounds appealing, right?

You have likely heard the phrase “Get the right people on your bus and get the right people in the right seat on your bus.” It was echoed by Jim Collins, leadership guru and author of the best-seller Good to Great.

As an HR or business leader, or frontline manager of a team, consider the people you have on your bus right now. Are you questioning the current line up? Could you rank your people quickly on the back of a napkin regarding how critical it is that he or she is on your bus? Having a busy bus is not good enough!

Slowing down on a regular basis to think about the talent on your team is such an essential part of team productivity, succession planning, and overall business performance. If you don’t make this time, and you have the wrong talent onboard then the headaches can be ongoing…

low revenue growth, lower productivity, maybe you continuously have to follow up with them, or they have caused poor key customer reviews or client loss…

Now let’s see your glass half full: Let’s assume you have the right people on your bus, now consider how well they fit into the role you have them in? I’m not suggesting you change everyone’s role dramatically, but maybe adjusting some important responsibilities or re-thinking the assignment of future tasks makes a lot of sense.

It’s a lot of work to figure this out if you don’t have a robust Talent Management system in place and an HR team to support you. But if you don’t realize the talent you have, the talent you are already paying for, then who will? How can you fully achieve your organization’s potential?

What Is Possible!

What if you fully understood the unique talent in each person and were consistently fine tuning to turn that talent into performance – what would that mean to you?

Higher revenue growth? 
Fewer headaches and less micromanaging? More of the right work gets done? Deadlines are smashed? 
Fewer mistakes?
 Happier clients who are willing to refer you?
 Your great employees don’t leave, in fact they refer you to more great talent?

The reality – even if you hired the right talent on to your bus, less than 20% of employees feel they get to use their talent and strengths each day at work which means adjustments are needed. That is a boatload of 80% potential up for you to grab! We can help you with our Churchill Strengths-Based Organization programs that increase engagement, talent growth, and performance.

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Jayne Jenkins CEO