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Why Every CEO and Business Leader Needs a Coach

Why Every CEO & Business Leader Needs a Coach

The CEO and Business Leader role is an incredibly rewarding but highly challenging position. Despite often leading large teams it can be a very lonely role. So it is not a surprise that more leaders are turning to Executive Coaches to help them be more successful. Clients come to the “Churchill Leadership Group” because they want to personally perform better, increase their confidence, continue to grow and maximize their potential as leaders and managers.

In today’s dynamic global competitive market, leaders are dealing with rapid change, uncertainty, unengaged employees and greater scrutiny. It is hard for any leader to handle all of that and not burn out. 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have lasted less than 3 years. According to the Harvard Business Review, 2 out of 5 new CEOs fail in their first 18 months on the job. The reality is when you get to the top, how often do you get honest feedback?

How often do other people challenge you to grow? You’re the big boss, so it is likely not often. However we all need to be stretched to consistently achieve our optimal potential. As a leader you need someone you can trust, who won’t judge you.

An expert coach who genuinely has your interests at heart, who is very experienced, and skilled enough to help you succeed. At Churchill we have twenty-four such expert Executive Coaches. Each has broad corporate experience, professional coaching expertise and has often been in your shoes! When clients come to us it is rarely due to lack of competence, in fact most have a ton of untapped potential. Often we see low confidence, frustration, leadership and management skills they have never been taught. Just some of the benefits to you of greater confidence include:

  • You’ll take more chances.
  • You’ll stop procrastinating.
  • You’ll do whatever you need to do to move your vision forward.
  • You’ll finally start projects/initiatives you’ve always wanted to but never got around to.
  • Failure and mistakes will no longer be dreaded.
  • You’ll do what your gut instinct tells you, without worrying about what others will think.
  • It will make networking activities easier. Talking to people and making new connections will become easier and effortless.

We see leaders who want an effective developmental strategy and the ability to effectively leverage a strategic network. When it comes to leading their teams we regularly help leaders with influencing skills, employee engagement, strategic thinking/planning and communication effectiveness. E.g. 82% of newly appointed leaders derail because they fail to build partnerships with subordinates and peers.

On the other hand a study published in “Organizational Effectiveness” found that powerful and successful leaders often have high levels of self-confidence however, the higher the self-confidence, the less likely these leaders are open to advice and feedback so they are unlikely to get it inside their organization. Good leaders make people around them successful but in today’s high-pressure environment, leaders need someone they can trust to tell the truth about their own behavior.

The bottom line is needing a coach is not a failure, rather a great opportunity to maximize your potential. In fact most major companies now make coaching a core part of their executive development programs. The belief is that one-on-one personal interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support often cannot. A 2004 study by Right Management Consultants found 86% of companies used coaches in their leadership development program. “At the end of the day, people who are high achievers—who want to continue to learn and grow and be effective—need coaching.”

Churchill’s professional Executive Coaches can help leaders like you:

• Grow and improve performance.

• Achieve your greatest potential.

• Focus on your needs and goals.

• Reduce blind spots

• Provide a trusted partner where they can express fears, failures and dreams.

If you have more questions then please do not hesitate to reach out and schedule complimentary time with us to discuss your unique needs to see if we are the best solution to help you succeed.

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Sincerely, Jayne Jenkins CEO Churchill Leadership Group