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Why Focus on Strengths? Because only 17% of employees say
they use their strengths at work every day.

A Focus on Strengths

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Watch as Jayne Jenkins, Executive Coach certified in Clifton StrengthsFinder, discusses the benefits of becoming a Strengths-based organization and how to go about doing so.

Who should attend? HR and business leaders who want to harness the untapped talent in their organization (that they are already paying for) in order to increase engagement, talent growth, and business outcomes.


Become A Strengths-based Organization

Corporations are letting their employees down and it’s likely unintentional. According to Gallup, the majority of employees at all levels of an organization don’t use their natural talents each day. Without a focus on strengths, organizations are leaving untapped potential on the table. Why? Unfortunately, most employees and managers struggle to articulate what they are naturally good at. Additionally, most organizations are not even looking for strengths and have historically been focused on weakness to get more out of employees.

There is a better way – that leads to greater success!

The most successful companies are the ones attracting creative, bright, committed team members and then offering them opportunities to do what they do best. These are Strengths-based organizations, and they actively seek out the unique talents of each person. Furthermore, they know how to leverage those talents to get the best from each employee. They integrate strengths in all that they do, including coaching and development, reward and recognition, and performance management.

Churchill Leadership Group helps you become a Strengths-based organization. Simply put, that means ensuring everyone from the top down is aware of and applying their talent every day. Churchill Leadership Group uses Clifton StrengthsFinder® to identify talent along with a suite of tools, solutions, and the best coaches available to empower leaders and their teams to put those talents to work for greater results. In addition, our Churchill team helps you weave Strengths into your existing talent development and operational processes, set you up for sustainable success, and measure results.


In addition, employees who receive strengths feedback have 14.9% lower turnover.  Sales associates who receive coaching on their strengths experience 11% higher volume per customer and a 6% higher closing percentage on average. Further insight:

  • We all have natural talent and, in its raw form, is the naturally recurring pattern of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Churchill helps you identify that natural talent and turn it into mature Strengths. As a result, you can consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance in a specific task.
  • We grow most in areas where we have natural talent. StrengthsFinder® is a development tool and Churchill uses it to help you accelerate the development of leaders and teams in a way that is authentic and sustainable.

How We Do It: Churchill’s Strengths-Based Organization Methodology

We partner with you over time to help you build a Strengths-based culture with the mindset, capability, and tools that empower you to become a Strengths-Based Organization. Our programs will vary from consulting to “we do it all for you” and typically include all or some of the following high-impact steps:

  1. Create a Strengths Vision and Strategy: Develop a roadmap with measurable success milestones and roles.
  2. Identify Strengths Advocates: For sustainability, with a Strengths communication plan and support resource portal.
  3. Measure Success: Use Q12 Engagement Survey and other tools to build awareness of current and measure progress.
  4. Discover Natural Talent: Using StrengthsFinder assessments to create talent, awareness and excitement!
  5. Apply Leadership and Team Strengths: Using practical strategies, case studies, tools, and experiential learning.
  6. Integrate Strengths into Performance and Talent Management: To support processes and daily conversations.
  7. Skill Up: Teach leaders to be “Great Coaches” and Effective Managers, tailored to your skill needs.
  8. Weave Strengths into Your Environment: Making strengths visible and practicing on the job.
  9. Train Internal Strengths Experts: For sustainability and acceleration.
  10. Celebrate and Expand: e.g. How can Strengths help you attract talent and/or bring greater value to your clients?

If you’re ready to increase performance, productivity, talent growth, and/or employee engagement, then partner with our Churchill team.

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